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Nutritional Therapy uses a scientific approach to improve your health through food and lifestyle changes. These changes support your better physical and mental health. Nutritional Therapists work on the principle that the body wants to be well and can repair itself if given the right nutrients and conditions to do so. Linda says “Improving or restoring a persons health can have a transformative effect. I find that working wth clients to achieve this outcome is very rewarding and motivating.” Nutrition is the building block for all of the structures of the body, and the metabiolic functions within it. By making small, achieveable, changes it can improve existing health concerns and also prevent future problems. Nutritional Therapy can also help people achieve their potential, for example in sports performance or improving energy levels. Nutritional Therapy takes a very personal approach and no “one size fits all” diet will achieve the same positive outcomes. We are all unique individuals and so not all “healthy” foods or habits benefit everyone. Using this approach, we work together to uncover your particular issues and address them in a way which makes you feel better and happier. Health concerns which Nutritional Therapists can help support include digestive issues, weight-loss, hormone imbalance, energy issues, mood swings, sleep problems, skin conditions, headaches/migraines and joint problems. Linda trained with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) and works with a wide range of clients. Her particualr specialisms include digestive health, thyroid and adrenal health, health for older people and detoxification programmes. Linda also runs food workshops, home cooking advice and demonstrations, writes articles and gives talks.