Sebastian graduated from the European School of Osteopathy where he gained an Integrated Masters in osteopathy. He uses a wide range of techniques during his treatment from soft tissue, stretches, manipulations and visceral techniques to the gentler cranial osteopathic techniques. Working as an osteopath in the New Zealand Premiership Football League, he gained experience in acute sports injuries, rehabilitation, physical training and nutrition. He also worked in a general practice which saw many patients with chronic conditions. Furthering his learning, he has since gained qualifications in Existential Counselling as he believes the mind has powerful effects not only on our healing but helping us reach our potential in all aspects of our life. His interest in mind body medicine has spurred research and attendance at courses on different healing modalities from around the world. He works closely with his patients and other specialists to help aid the person’s return to health. Sebastian has just completed his second marathon and enjoys a mixture of yoga, meditation, calisthenics and weight lifting to keep his mind and body healthy. He also loves reading, going for long walks and spending time with his partner and daughter.