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Michelle Louise Balson


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy



Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy which works extremely well in helping people to achieve positive changes in their lives. Instead of focusing on the ‘problem’ this approach looks towards a solution.
Using well tested and researched strategies, Solution Focused Therapy encourages a shift in perspective and inspires a change to a person’s life.
While some therapies involve delving into a person’s past and finding a cause to the current issue, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy concentrates more on the present situation and a preferred future. The Solution Focused technique does not relive past memories or traumas or focus on what has happened in the past as it is believed that this can sometimes reinforce the problem rather than solve it.
A Solution Focused Therapist believes that the client has the capability and capacity to solve their own problems, and the therapist’s role is to guide them along the path to discover the solution. By using solution focused questions, the therapist is able to empower and guide the client to discover their true strengths, skills and resources needed to improve their life. It is important to remember that although this approach is client focused and encourages a person to discover their own inner resources, the person is not alone in the therapy. The client will work together with the therapist to move forward and achieve goals and best hopes from talking together.
Solution Focused Therapy is combined with hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is safe, easy to do, and something that we all do naturally every single day
without even realising it. Hypnosis, or ‘trance’ is when we are completely relaxed and focusing on something. It is similar to daydreaming or meditation. If you have ever been so engrossed in a film or book that the world disappears, then you have experienced trance. When you drive or walk that familiar route and you haven’t noticed how you have reached your destination, then you have experienced trance. You have been awake and alert, and reached your destination safely, but the world around you has disappeared. This is trance or hypnosis.
Hypnotherapy is deeply relaxing and is where the subconscious becomes more open to positive suggestions which can prompt a change in behaviour and thought patterns. Trance is brought about by incorporating relaxation and guided visualisation which can help to enhance the solution work being carried out.
No one can be hypnotised against their will or to do something that they do not want to do.
Conditions that can be helped with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
· Stress · Anxiety · Lack of confidence · Low self esteem · Sleep problems · IBS · Pain · OCD · Phobias · Fears · Panic attacks · Bereavement · Exam stress · Weight management · Depression · Stopping smoking
People suffering from anxiety and stress, and associated conditions such as phobias, panic disorder and irritable bowel syndrome, may find
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy very helpful. People struggling with low self-esteem and confidence issues and negative thoughts may also benefit from this approach. It is a great way to encourage a shift from negativity to positivity. Negative and anxious thoughts can be replaced with more positive and proactive thoughts.
What to expect during the session.
In the therapy session the client will be given time to discuss what has brought them to a place where they need help and what they hope to achieve. At the first session the therapist will explain what hypnosis is and how the brain works in terms of forming problems and solutions. The client will work together with the therapist to set realistic and actionable goals and by using solution focused questioning techniques the client is encouraged to think about how they can take some steps towards achieving their preferred future. The therapist will then help the client to lower anxiety and relax by using hypnosis techniques such as guided relaxation. The client usually lies on a couch while the therapist talks to them which can induce a relaxed state and help the mind to switch into ‘solution focused mode’. The client will usually be given a CD or MP3 to listen to in between sessions which helps to speed up the process.