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Nutritional Therapy is the scientific approach to using food and nutrients to promote good health, both physical and mental. It can be used to address existing health concerns and also as a preventative approach to avoid reaching a diseased state in the body. It can also help people to achieve their potential for example in sports performance or improved energy levels. This approach takes the view that the body wants to be well and in balance. Nutritional therapy aims to provide the right raw materials and conditions so we can start to heal and so support better health. Therapists are trained to understand how food and lifestyle factors influence the unique biochemical functioning of each individual and so the nutrition plans and lifestyle programmes devised by therapists for each client are personalised to you and your circumstances, rather than using a “one size fits all” approach. Health concerns which nutritional therapy can help support include digestive issues, weight-loss, hormone imbalance, energy issues, mood swings, sleep problems, skin conditions, headaches and joint problems. Linda trained with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) and qualified in 2015 so has up to date training and knowledge of current health developments and research. She works with a wide range of clients and health concerns and has experience of specialised areas such as digestive health, thyroid and adrenal health, health for older people and detoxification programmes. Linda also runs food workshops, home cooking advice and demonstrations, writes articles and gives talks. She also works as assistant supervisor at the Bristol CNN college.